2020 DNC Postponed, Protections For Renters During Coronavirus Economic Slump, Mayo Clinic’s Own Coronavirus Test, Republican Perspective On Stimulus Package

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The 2020 Democratic National Convention has been postponed due to concerns surrounding the novel coronavirus outbreak. A public housing expert from UW-Madison talks about how renters who may be struggling due to the coronavirus restrictions are being protected in Wisconsin. Then a physician from Mayo Clinic shares how the medical center developed a test for the coronavirus. And U.S. Rep. Bryan Steil (R-1) shares a Republican perspective on the federal stimulus package.

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  • Coronavirus Concerns Postpone 2020 Democratic National Convention In Milwaukee

    The Democratic Party announced Thursday that it will postpone the 2020 Democratic National Convention until mid-August as the COVID-19 outbreak continues. We’ll talk to a DNC official about the decision and what it could mean for this year’s election.

  • How Are Renters, Homeowners Being Protected During The Coronavirus Outbreak?

    April’s bills are starting to stack up, so what protections are in place for renters and homeowners unable to work because of the coronavirus? We talk to an expert on housing policy from UW-Madison.

  • How Mayo Clinic Developed Its Own Coronavirus Test

    With shortages across the country in COVID-19 testing supplies, some health systems and hospitals are filling the gaps on their own. We talk to one of the physicians who helped Mayo Clinic develop its own coronavirus test.

  • Republican Perspective On Federal Stimulus Package

    Yesterday on Central Time we talked to a Wisconsin Democrat about the two-trillion-dollar federal stimulus package for the coronavirus relief. Today we get a Republican perspective on the measure from a U.S. Representative.

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