100 Years After World War I, Hmong Pilots In The Vietnam War, Projected 2020 Voter Turnout

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World War I troops
Officers of the 117th Sanitary Train in Bertricamp, France, April 1918. (Photo courtesy Army Reserve History Office) 

World War I officially came to an end just shy of 100 years ago. On this Memorial Day, we look back at the conflict, and what we’ve learned since. We also hear the often untold stories of Hmong pilots during the Vietnam War. And, we find out why Wisconsin could see particularly high voter turnout in next fall’s election.

Featured in this Show

  • Marking 100 Years After The End Of World War I

    On June 28, 1919, World War I officially ended with Germany and the Allied Countries signing the Treaty of Versailles.We’ll talk to a historian about the end of the first World War on this Memorial Day.

  • Stories Of Hmong Pilots In The Vietnam War

    The role of Hmong pilots in the Vietnam war has not been well-known by the general public. But the tremendous sacrifices of those who served alongside and to support American troops is now told in their own words in a new book.

  • Could Wisconsin See Record Voter Turnout In 2020?

    Even though the 2020 election is more than a year away, some are already predicting that Wisconsin could see huge voter turnout next November. We hear the reasons behind that.

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