Episode 623: Moshe Kasher, Sloane Crosley, Tommy Orange

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Moshe Kasher
Moshe Kasher, credit: Messica

This week on “BETA,” Comedian Moshe Kasher on being a “Subculture Vulture.” Also, Sloane Crosley explores love, loss and grief. And “There There” author Tommy Orange on his long-awaited followup, “Wandering Stars.”

Comedian Moshe Kasher offers up a roadmap to himself in ‘Subculture Vulture’

Sloane Crosley looks at grief: a strong emotion we all experience

Tommy Orange’s new book is a scathing indictment of US’ war on its own people 

Episode Credits

  • Doug Gordon Host
  • Adam Friedrich Producer
  • Steve Gotcher Technical Director
  • Moshe Kasher Guest
  • Sloane Crosley Guest
  • Tommy Orange Guest

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