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Classical Music Playlists

What was that piece? Find out what music was played in the playlist calendar.

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About Norman

Norman Gilliland is the Wisconsin Public Radio host of "The Midday." He's also the author of "Sand Mansions," and "Midnight Catch."Read more

About Ruthanne

Ruthanne Bessman got her start at WPR in 1988 as a "Whad'ya Know?" producer. In 1994 Bessman began her on-air career and is currently the host of "Classics by Request." She has a degree in harp performance and studied the art for two years in Israel.Read more

About Lori

Lori Skelton has been with WPR since 1993, and is the host of Afternoon Classics each weekday, and the producer and host of Wisconsin Classical . In addition to appreciating classical music, she also sings in the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and is a regular contributor to Food Friday segments on Central Time .Read more

About Stephanie

Stephanie Elkins is the host, producer and programmer of “Morning Classics” and also works with the music department and others behind the scenes at WPR and on campus at the UW-Madison. Elkins has been with the organization since 2007.Read more

About Peter

About Anders

Anders Yocom has had a long career in broadcasting. He has over 30 years of experience in both T.V. and radio having worked at stations all of the country. He currently hosts classical music show "Sunday Brunch." Read more

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