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Norman Gilliland interviews author Ann Hillerman


Bookcover for Finding Freedom: the Untold Story of Joshua Glover by Ruby West Jackson and Walter T. McDonald"Finding Freedom: the Untold Story of Joshua Glover" by Ruby West Jackson and Walter T. McDonald

Monday, February 17 through Friday, February 28, 2020. Read by Jim Fleming.

Joshua Glover was bought in St. Louis to be a "servant for life," broken out of jail after his escape by Wisconsin abolitionists, and helped to escape to Canada and freedom.

(Wisconsin Historical Society Press; ISBN-10: 0870203827)

Theme: Mark O'Connor: Concerto No. 6 "Old Brass" - mvt 1 "The Road is Smooth" - Pro Arte Chamber Orch of Boston, Joel Smirnoff, cond. (OMAC-12)


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