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Wisconsin Absentee Voters Worried Ballots Didn’t Count In Results Tally

Votes Did Count, Recording Vote Online Takes Up To 45 Days, Elections Commission Official Says

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Brynn Anderson/AP Photo

Some early voters made calls Wednesday to the Wisconsin Elections Commission after seeing their votes were not recorded online.

After people signed into Wisconsin’s My Vote website to check the status of their vote, an error message appeared and a box indicating their absentee ballot had been recorded was blank.

But all absentee ballots were included in the results of the 2016 election, Reid Magney, state Elections Commission spokesman, said.

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After the election is over, municipal clerks go through the thousands of names of voters in the polling books and record them online, Magney said.

“After the election, they have workers who sit with barcode scanners and scan in the barcodes of everybody who voted,” Magney said. “That process can take up to 45 days.”

Voter participation in each municipality for this election will be updated online after all the votes are recorded.

In Wisconsin, 828,451 absentee ballots were submitted, making up about 28 percent of the state’s total vote compared to 21.57 percent of the total vote during the 2012 election.