Walker’s State Campaign Fund Had $20K At End Of 2015

Campaign Ended Up Spending Nearly A Million Dollars Last Year

Shawn Johnson/WPR

Gov. Scott Walker’s gubernatorial campaign ended last year with just $20,000 in the bank.

Numbers provided by Walker’s campaign showed the governor raised more than a half-million dollars in the second half of last year — a total that doesn’t include money raised for Walker’s federal presidential campaign account. But Walker’s state campaign reported spending $977,652.72, outpacing what he raised and all but wiping out any campaign reserves.

While the governor wouldn’t be up for re-election until November of 2018, that small cash balance leaves him in a tenuous spot, financially speaking. Published reports estimated Walker ended his presidential campaign with a debt of roughly a million dollars. The governor has had to continue fundraising to backfill that shortfall ever since he bowed out of the race for president in September.

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