Walker Takes Credit For Right To Work, Marking Shift In Tone

Walker Had Previously Said Right To Work Wasn't Priority

Gage Skidmore (CC-BY-SA)

Gov. Scott Walker is now taking credit for bringing up Wisconsin’s right-to-work bill after saying repeatedly that it was not on his agenda.

During a speech to a Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce conference in Madison, Walker did not just say he would sign the bill. Instead, he took full ownership of right to work, saying, “We brought that up.”

Walker said it would be a big factor that businesses will consider when they look at Wisconsin.

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“If you’re a company that’s here and you’re looking to grow, or if you’re talking to one of your colleagues in the industry and trying to get someone to come here, we now have given one more big thing on that checklist to say that Wisconsin is open for business,” said Walker.

Walker, who did not take questions from reporters after his speech, told WMC that he would sign right to work by Monday.

The Assembly Labor Committee is scheduled to vote on the bill Wednesday night and the full Assembly will start debating it on Thursday morning.