Walker says he’s ready to bring state together again


Gov. Scott Walker easily beat back a recall challenge from Democrat Tom Barrett Tuesday. Walker acknowledged the bruising battle could leave scars, and says bringing the state back together will take time.

Supporters greeted Gov. Walker after his victory with chants expressing gratitude.

The recall against Walker was sparked by his limits on collective bargaining for public employees, but it grew to a coalition opposing budget cuts to health care and education. Walker says his reforms helped fix the state’s deficit, despite being unpopular: “We tell our country and we tell people all across the globe that voters really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions.”

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Walker says he will increase the number of jobs in Wisconsin, although Barrett took issue with that claim during the campaign. During his concession speech the Milwaukee mayor said the recall was democracy in action: “To those of you who care about this city which I love. To those of you who care about this state which I love. Please, please, please remain engaged, remain involved because we will continue to fight for justice and fairness in this state.”

Walker is only the third U.S. governor to face a recall, and the first to retain his seat. He beat Barrett in 2010 by a nearly 6 point margin which grew wider in the recall election.

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