Walker Says He’ll No Longer Comment On Meetings With World Leaders

Statement Comes After British Prime Minister Asserts Walker Misquoted Him

Gateway Technical College (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Gov. Scott Walker says he’ll no longer talk publicly about his private meetings with world leaders, after the British prime minister said Walker misquoted him.

Walker met with British Prime Minister David Cameron while on a United Kingdom trade mission in February. He told Republican donors last week that world leaders, including Cameron, are worried about President Barack Obama’s leadership. However, a Cameron spokesperson later told Time that the prime minister “did not say that and does not think that.”

The governor was asked about the assertion during a conference call with reporters Wednesday from another trade mission, this one in Canada.

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“Yeah, going forward, I’m just not going to comment on individual meetings I’ve had with leaders like that, be it there or anywhere else,” Walker responded.

State Democratic Party Chairwoman Martha Laning questioned why Walker was now staying silent, saying people “deserve to know what really happened in Walker’s conversation with Prime Minister Cameron.”