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Walker To Endorse GOP Pick For President Next Week

Governor Says Brokered Convention Could Leave Nomination Wide Open, Including To Past Candidates

Gage Skidmore (CC-BY-SA)

Gov. Scott Walker says he plans to make an endorsement in the GOP presidential contest next week following the Easter holiday.

But with the Republican field down to three contenders, he believes only two declared candidates have a realistic chance to get the nod.

“You’ve got two candidates who mathematically can get to 1,237 (delegates) by the convention, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz,” Walker said Thursday.

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Walker acknowledged that Ohio Gov. John Kasich is a friend, but said he’s not likely to be the nominee.

“I like John, but mathematically he doesn’t have a path between now and the time of the convention to get to 1,237,” Walker said.

If none of the candidates claim a majority of GOP delegates by the July convention in Cleveland, Walker said the race will be wide open.

“It could be one of the three, it could be somebody who ran before, it could be somebody who hasn’t ever run for president before,” Walker said. “And the beauty is that the people get to decide that and not the party leaders.”

By waiting until the week before Wisconsin’s April 5 primary, Walker feels his endorsement will have a bigger impact on the election.