Vos Says Anderson Can’t Call Into Meetings Without Assembly Vote

Vos Looks To Other Accommodations For The Paralyzed Lawmaker

Wisconsin capitol building dome
The dome of the Wisconsin state Capitol building in Madison. Alan Levine (CC BY)

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos sent Rep. Jimmy Anderson, D-Fitchburg, a letter on Thursday stating he couldn’t grant his request to call into committee meetings by phone. Vos did say he would pursue other accommodations.

The letter was sent just hours after The Associated Press contacted every Republican in leadership to see if they agreed with barring Anderson from calling into meetings.

None of the lawmakers commented.

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Vos said he couldn’t change the Assembly meeting rule “by fiat” and the full Assembly would have to vote.

Instead Vos said he would make a videographer available upon request for meetings Anderson can’t make and would consider allowing for paper ballot voting, a process where the lawmaker can vote without being present.