Treasurer’s Office Helps Residents Reclaim Property


The Wisconsin Treasurer’s office is trying to help thousands of state residents reclaim more than $400 million in unclaimed property that dates back to 1970 – not real estate, but money they are entitled to like an old uncashed paycheck, stock dividends or the contents of a safe deposit box.

Unclaimed Properties Program Administrator Mary Celentani says the process of claiming unclaimed property is simple.

“All the owner needs to do is prove that they lived at the address that was reported by the business and their social security number and we can generally make payment right off that.”

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Celentani says Wisconsin is one of the most efficient states at returning unclaimed property to residents. In the last three years, more than $100 million has been returned.

There have been more than 70,000 new claims added in the last year, valued at $40 million. Targeted notices of unclaimed property started going out today in state newspapers and will continue for the next three months. People can also search online to see if they have unclaimed property.