Ryan Supporters Disappointed, Hopeful


For many hard core supporters of vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan, the election results were bittersweet .The party faithful say the defeat of the Romney-Ryan ticket won’t stop conservatives from shaping Wisconsin political agenda.

At the Holiday Inn in Ryan’s hometown of Janesville last night, about 200 people gathered to watch election returns. They cheered when news came that Paul Ryan he had won re-election to his seat in Congress. But there were discouraged grumblings when the networks called the presidential race for Barack Obama.It meant Paul Ryan would not be the first vice president from Wisconsin.Richard and Nancy Bracken of Harmony aren’t convinced Ryan’s reelection to Congress will be enough to stop the damage they believe the President’s health care reform efforts will cause.

“There’s no competition the way this is all designed the insurance companies are all going to go out of business and the government is going to take it all over.Look at the Senate: no budget three years, no budget in this country.That’s ridiculous. We are leaving our son a debt of trillions and trillions and no one will ever come.”

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But there is still hope for the conservative cause in Wisconsin, according to State Representative Amy Loudenbeck of Clinton. She told the discouraged crowd of Republicans last night that GOP control of the State Assembly is cause for optimism.

“I know it’s disappointing to see our presidential returns coming in and to think about four more years, but Act 10 school districts have more power, local government has more power, you as tax payers have more power than you have ever had in Wisconsin,” she said.

Congressman Paul Ryan addressed the crowd via a pre-taped video clip promising he would continue to push for his tax cutting budget plan in Congress.