Ron Johnson Appeals Dismissal Of His Lawsuit Against Obama Administration

Johnson Says Obama Must Be Held Responsible For 'Abuse Of Power'

Sen. Ron Johnson. Photo: Shawn Johnson

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., has re-filed his lawsuit against President Barack Obama over the Affordable Care Act.

A federal judge in Wisconsin dismissed Johnson’s original lawsuit, saying the case lacked legal standing. Now, Johnson says he plans to try again because he feels the president has abused his power.

“This is about highlighting the fact that this president, and presidents prior to President Obama, their power has grown and Congress’s power has receded, and that’s not good for our freedoms. If you invest all the power — legislative, judicial, executive — in the hands of a few, that is the just definition of tyranny, and we need to be careful about that,” said Johnson.

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Johnson said that the judge’s ruling allows the president to avoid responsibility for allowing members of Congress and their staff to receive contributions toward health care.

Democrats have criticized Johnson’s lawsuit, calling it another attempt to derail the president’s health care reform.