Roggensack, Fallone Supreme Court Primary Winners


Incumbent State Supreme Court Justice Patience Roggensack will face Marquette Law school Professor Ed Fallone in the April 2nd statewide election.They were the top two vote-getters in Tuesday’s primary.

Justice Roggensackgot more than 60-percent of the vote in a very low turnout election, with barely 300,000 votes cast. She got about twice as many votes as Fallone. Consumer law attorney Vince Megna got less than 10-percent of the vote.

Fallone says the results have energized him to run an aggressive campaign to defeat Roggensack in April. He says he’ll continue to stress the need for a new voice in the court to end partisan and personality disputes plaguing the court now.

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“The issue are which candidate is best able to move the court forward and get it functioning again,” he says.”Resolve the internal fighting and focus on the public’s business. I am not a part of the problem I am a part of the solution.”

But Justice Roggensack says her wide margin of victory in the primary indicates voters aren’t convinced that the bickering on the court is a major issue.

“I don’t think it’s resonating with the voters,” she says.”I am sticking with my message, what we need to focus on is the qualifications of the candidates for the job and that’s what I’m gonna stick with.”

Roggensack has been a judge for 17 years, first on the appeals court and the last ten on the high court. Fallone has never been a judge, but he says two decades of teaching constitutional law is solid enough experience to make him competent supreme court justice.