Republicans Circulate New Abortion Legislation

Bills Comes After Activists Accuse Planned Parenthood Of Selling Fetal Body Parts

Fibonacci Blue (CC-BY)

Republican lawmakers are seeking support for three new abortion bills after conservative activists caused a national stir last week by accusing Planned Parenthood of illegally selling fetal tissue and organs.

The uproar began after the nonprofit Center for Medical Progress released a video showing two activists meeting with a Planned Parenthood official in southern California last year. While the activists say the video provides evidence that Planned Parenthood sells organs and tissues, which is illegal, the organization says it only donates body parts for medical research.

A bill by Wisconsin Reps. Andre Jacque and Joel Kleefisch would ban the sale, transfer and experimentation of aborted fetuses. However, it’s not clear whether the bill would result in any changes, given that Planned Parenthood Wisconsin does not participate in a tissue donation program.

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Jacque has also introduced two other bills that seek to defund the organization.

“We’ve been around for a very long time,” said Nicole Safir, government relations director with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin. “We’re not going anywhere. And it’s just really disappointing how these continued political attacks are coming from representatives like Andre Jacque.”

One of the bills specifies which types of organizations are eligible for federal health funds, excluding Planned Parenthood. However, Safir said the state does not have control over the Title X federal funding that she said Planned Parenthood Wisconsin has administered for decades.

The bill would have the state of Wisconsin apply for the federal grants.