Protesters, Supporters Alike Converge For Trump Rally In Superior

Trump Attracts Thousands To Event On Final Day Before Election

Marcus White/WPR

Protesters, supporters, and undecided voters alike were among the throngs that converged in and around the Richard I. Bong Airport in Superior for Donald Trump’s rally there Monday.

University of Wisconsin-Superior student Scott McNorton held a sign reading “Free Hugs.” He said he hopes to educate people about Muslims following divisive comments from some presidential campaigns.

“And also to spread some love, you know, by offering free hugs,” said McNorton. “Just trying to make people smile a little bit, and just remind people that even though we have different opinions or views on things, we’re all American.”

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Rebekah Zedd protested alongside McNorton. Zedd, a transgender woman from Duluth, made the drive to Superior in order to send a message to Trump supporters.

“I am worried that in a Trump America that I would legitimately fear for my own safety and that of the people I care about,” said Zedd.

Carla Hamilton Eisele, an African-American woman from Duluth, said Trump spouts messages based on hate with little substance.

“The things he has said about minorities are so offensive, and he is promoting hate, and as a woman I can’t see him helping me in any way,” said Eisele. “His message is all about fear and separation.”

Inside a hangar at the Superior airport, Superior mom Sarah Barton attended the rally with her husband and two children. Barton said she’s on the fence between the two leading Republican candidates.

“I like Cruz because he seems more conservative, more steadfast, more level-headed. But on the other hand, I think Trump can get the job done on issues that are really important to me as a mom,” she said.

While Barton acknowledged that she wasn’t impressed by Trump’s temper, she said that as a woman, she’s not concerned about comments Trump made last week about punishing women who have abortions.

“I think a lot of it was edited to make him look poorly,” said Barton.

Superior’s Pat Correll, however, wasn’t so sure about the abortion comments.

“He’s kind of been flip-floppy on that,” said Correll. “I’m kind of undecided about that.”

At the same time, Mike Karras of Solon Springs said he likes that Trump is shaking things up.

“It ain’t so much about what he says, it’s just the way he’s going about this whole thing,” he said. “He’s throwing a horseshoe into the mix, stirring things up and waking people up. It’s what we need.”

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