As Primary Nears, Trump Underscores Importance Of A Wisconsin Win To Voters

GOP Frontrunner Makes Stops In La Crosse, Superior, Milwaukee

Marcus White/WPR

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump rallied voters while campaigning across Wisconsin Monday, telling them that winning the state would vault him to the nomination.

“This will send such a signal that the people of our country are so sick and tired of incompetent representation, of incompetent leadership, of people that don’t care for them,” said Trump during a stop in La Crosse. “And it will send a signal that we have to represent the middle class.”

Trump spoke to a full house at the La Crosse Center. He criticized challenger Ted Cruz as dishonest, and Gov. Scott Walker as well for the state’s economic performance.

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Trump also attracted thousands to a rally in Superior, where the GOP front-runner Trump again tore into Cruz, questioning his position on trade and calling him a liar.

At the event, Trump dismissed polls like the most recent one from the Marquette University Law School that show him lagging Cruz. He also dismissed hits he’s taken for recent comments to the media.

“I’ve been given the last rites how many times — like, 10? Every week it’s the end of Trump,” he said.

Trump capped off his day of campaigning with a rally in Milwaukee. There, he told hundreds of supporters he knows how to beat special interests in the capital for a simple reason.

“I was part of the establishment. And they will do not what’s right for you, but what’s right for the company they represent … and the United States continues to get ripped off and ripped off and ripped off,” he said.

He also told supporters the country is suffering because weak negotiators have made bad trade deals and left the United States picking up the tab for other countries’ security. He said that his business skills are what it will take to right the ship.

“We’re not going to be the stupid people anymore,” Trump said.

If elected, Trump said he’ll work to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care law, hit the Islamic State group hard with military force and build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to enhance border security.

Trump said he plans to stay in Wisconsin Tuesday because he expects to win the primary. The Government Accountability Board estimates Tuesday’s voter turnout will be around 40 percent, the highest for a primary since 1980.