Pocan discusses long-term congressional goals


One of the Democrats running for the seat being vacated by Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin says he’s in it for the long-run and hopes to some day use seniority in congress to benefit Wisconsin.

Assemblyman Mark Pocan told a Wispolitics forum in Madison Tuesday that if he’s elected, he’ll do his best to work his way up the ladder in Congress, understanding that the longer you’re there, the more you can accomplish for your state. “I’m in this for the long-run,” he says. “I mean I really, I know when you get to Congress seniority does matter a lot. You know I’ve been here for 14 years because I got a lot done in those years. I plan on doing that in Congress.”

Pocan says it’s a lesson he learned in the state legislature, where he was what he calls a “bomb thrower” when he was first elected, but learned to work with other legislators as his career progressed.

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Pocan says seniority has served Wisconsin well, pointing to Baldwin and former Democratic Congressman Dave Obey as examples. He says he will push to make sure Wisconsin gets its share of federal funding. “When you can bring resources back to your state, whether it be infrastructure or things that can create jobs in the area, that makes a hell of a lot of sense,” he says.

Pocan says he’s a staunch progressive, but will work with Republicans where they can agree. For example, he said he’d work with Republican Paul Ryan to get workers back at the vacant Janesville GM plant or with Republican Tom Petri on transportation issues.

Pocan faces Democratic Representative Kelda Roys, Matt Silverman and Dennis Hall in the Democratic Primary next month. Roys will be the featured speaker at another Wispolitics forum next week.