Petrowski Says He Probably Won’t Support Right-To-Work

Central Wisconsin Senator Says Such Legislation Would Cause Labor Unrest That Could Hurt Businesses

Courtesy of WPT.

Central Wisconsin Republican Senator Jerry Petrowski says he probably won’t support a right-to-work bill if one is introduced in the Senate.

Petrowski said he wouldn’t vote for such a bill because the resulting labor unrest could be bad for business.

“I probably am not going to be supportive,” he said. “If you’re looking at bringing businesses to the state of Wisconsin, they want stability. They don’t want labor unrest.”

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Petrowski notes that his past campaigns have been supported by union members. He also doesn’t think right-to-work is a priority with the businesses in the 29th Senate District.

“Nobody has come to me from local businesses here and said, ‘Well, Jerry, we need right-to-work. We need Wisconsin to be a right to work state.’”

Republicans hold an 18 to 14 margin in the Senate, with one seat vacant.