Obama and Springsteen Fire Up Madison on Eve of the Election


President Barack Obama kicked off his final full day of campaigning as a candidate for office with a rally this morning in chilly downtown Madison. Mr.Obama told a crowd of about 18-thousand that they knew where he stood and that this election was about trust.

Warming up the shivering crowd for the president was Bruce Springsteen, who joked that he’d written a campaign song that would seal the election: “Usually this time of day, I’m in my pajamas.(Forward!)Let’s vote for the man that got Osama.(Forward!)Forward and away we go.It’s good ain’t it?”

The president touted his record when he spoke, saying he’d fulfilled 2008 campaign promises to end the war in Iraq, pass health care reform, and repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

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“We’ve made progress these last four years, but the reason we’re all here in addition to listening to Bruce is because we’ve got more work to do,” he says.”We’ve got more work to do.As long as there’s a single American who wants a job inAmerica, but can’t find one, our work is not yet done.”

The president contrasted that record with Republican Mitt Romney’s promises, saying Romney’s plans to cut taxes for the wealthy would mark a return to Bush Administration policies that brought on the Great Recession.

“He’s trying to convince you that these bad old ideas are change.Listen, we know what change looks like Madison,” the president said.”And what he’s selling ain’t it.”

The president left Madison for rallies in Ohio and Iowa today.Mr. Obama has visited Wisconsin three times in the past week.

Republican Mitt Romney’s campaign is also making a last-day visit to Wisconsin to rally supporters.Vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan plans a rally in Milwaukee late this evening.