Mary Burke: Early Voting Bill Amounts To ‘Voter Suppression’

Democratic Candidate For Governor Says There Are Good Reasons For Holding Voting Hours Before Election Day

Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke during an appearance on Wisconsin Public Television's "Here and Now." Image courtesy of WPT.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke said a Republican proposal that would restrict early voting hours amounts to “voter suppression.”

The state Senate passed a bill last week that would limit early in-person absentee voting to just 45 hours a week. Weekend voting at the clerk’s office ahead of an election would be banned.

Burke says there are good reasons that some people need to vote on the weekend ahead of an election.

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“Maybe they’re working a double shift, maybe they have not only (a) job but home responsibilities,” said Burke. “Making it more convenient for people to vote to fit into their busy schedules makes good sense, and I think this is nothing other than trying to suppress the vote and take away peoples’ freedom to vote.”

Republican backers say the plan would establish uniform voting hours statewide so that larger cities don’t have an advantage over smaller communities.

Gov. Scott Walker has yet to take a position on the plan, saying he’s been focused on other issues.

Correction: This story originally said that the bill in question was intended to ensure that larger cities aren’t at a disadvantage over smaller communities.” The bill was actually intended to ensure that smaller communities aren’t at a disadvantage.