Justice Bradley Continues To Speak Out Against Supreme Court Amendment

Voters Will Decide This April On How The Court Selects Its Chief Justice

Coutesy of Ann Walsh Bradley

In her bid for a third term on the state Supreme Court, Justice Ann Walsh Bradley is continuing to speak out against a constitutional amendment that would end the practice of designating the most senior member of the court as the chief justice.

Speaking at the annual conference of the Wisconsin Counties Association, Bradley said the amendment is designed to weaken the role of the current chief justice Shirley Abrahamson, who is the leader of the liberal minority on the seven-member court. Bradley, who is also considered to be liberal, said that if the amendment is approved by the voters, it will eliminate the diversity of perspectives the court needs to make balanced legal decisions.

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“When people vote for me, they know what they’re getting,” said Bradley. “So I’m not running on a campaign on the constitutional amendment. But it is evidence of trying to get rid of balance on the court.”

Bradley’s opponent in the race, Rock County Judge James Daley, has voiced support for the amendment that will allow the seven justices to elect their own chief every two years. Daley will address the counties association on Wednesday.