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Johnson Targets Feingold During GOP Convention Remarks

Incumbent Senator Reusing Campaign Themes In Attacking Democratic Rival

Shawn Johnson/WPR

Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson dusted off some familiar attack lines against Democrat Russ Feingold at the state GOP convention over the weekend in La Crosse.

Johnson won his 2010 race against Feingold by promoting his own experience running a business and relentlessly attacking Feingold as a career politician.

While Johnson himself is now a U.S. senator seeking re-election, his comments about Feingold at this year’s convention were very similar to those he made five years ago.

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“Russ Feingold’s a career politician, he’s addicted to it. He just can’t stand being away from it, so he’s just got to announce,” Johnson said.

Johnson said Feingold was unwilling to face reality on the country’s biggest issues like funding Social Security and solving the national debt. The senator said despite his own incumbent status, he was still viewed as an outsider in Washington, D.C.