Guns Would Be Allowed In UW Buildings Under GOP Plan

Assemblyman: More Guns On Campuses Can Stop Shootings

College Library (CC-BY)

Two Republican lawmakers have proposed a bill that would allow guns inside buildings on University of Wisconsin campuses.

Under current law, public colleges and universities allow concealed carry license holders to bring guns on campus, but not inside buildings. Rep. Jesse Kremer, R-Kewaskum, wants to change that with a bill the he began circulating in a search for co-sponsors Monday.

“More guns on campus isn’t going to cause more violence,” he said.

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There have been 52 mass shootings this year, half of them at colleges or universities. The recent mass shooting at an Oregon community college was in a gun-free zone.

Kremer said banning firearms doesn’t stop assailants from carrying guns.

“If there’s a shooting on campus, I think you want more guns on campus — because you want more bullets flying to stop whoever has started that shooting,” said Kremer.

Rep. Chris Taylor, D-Madison, denounced the proposal, saying bullets and backpacks don’t mix. She said less guns and more regulation is the way to make campuses safer.

University officials have also come out against the bill. UW-Madison Police spokesman Marc Lovicott issued a statement Tuesday saying that the campus would not be safer if firearms were allowed in the buildings.

“Allowing concealed weapons inside a building like Camp Randall Stadium, filled with 80,000 people, creates a major security issue,” he wrote.

Gov. Scott Walker sent signals Tuesday he supports the measure, saying the real threat is not people with permits to legally carry concealed weapons.