Full State Assembly, Senate To Convene Tuesday

Senate Expected To Confirm Walker Cabinet Appointments

Lori Greig (CC-BY-NC-ND)

The full state Assembly and Senate are meeting at the Wisconsin Capitol on Tuesday, with the state’s interstate speed limit and school testing among the items on their agenda.

The Assembly passed a bill to raise the speed limit during the last legislative session that ultimately died in the Senate. The bill that the chamber is scheduled to consider Tuesday is different: Instead of mandating that the speed limit go up to 70 miles per hour, it would leave it to the Department of Transportation to make that call. Assembly Republicans and Democrats have pledged to support the legislation.

Also on Tuesday, the full state Senate is expected to pass a bill that would delay the reporting of test results from a statewide exam being given to public school students this spring. The Badger Exam, which is tied to Common Core academic standards, has faced a variety of problems in its first year and Gov. Scott Walker has called for its replacement.

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The Senate is also scheduled to confirm several of Gov. Scott Walker’s appointments, including the new secretary of the Department of Administration, Scott Neitzel.