Fiscal Cliff Vigil In La Crosse


Groups of people gathered outside Congressional offices across Wisconsin Monday,expressing their concern for how going over the fiscal cliff could affect programs like Medicare and Social Security.

About 15 people bundled up and spoke their minds outside a tall office building in downtown La Crosse that houses one of Congressman Ron Kind’s offices. Many of the demonstrators were connected with local unions, faith groups, and the Democratic Party.

Their message was clear. As Congress tries to reach a deal with the looming fiscal cliff, the group does not want to see cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.

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Wesley White of Onalaska says he came down to show his support of the programs that, he says, help people when they’re not at their best, “We not only need to promote them for seniors and the disabled, but like liberty, promote them for all. For to forget the general welfare of citizens is to return many to the status of economic slavery. This is a time to expand Social Security and Medicare, not to limit them.”

Plus, the group says it doesn’t want to see Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% renewed.

Butch Konetchy of Holmen is a Vietnam veteran and is a proud former union member, “We were told that everyone needs to sacrifice this day in age and we are. No raise for Social Security recipients for the last three years, but the wealthiest 2% kept getting their big tax cuts. Why are we the only ones sacrificing?”

Vigils were also held in Appleton, Madison, and five other Wisconsin cities.