Voter Registration Forms Sent To State In Error

The Wisconsin Elections Commission Says Local Clerks Handle Voter Registration, Not The State

M. Spencer Green/AP Photo

The State Elections Commission said it’s received a couple dozen forms from people who mistakenly think they’re registering to vote.

Elections Commission Spokesman Reid Magney said the form was sent out to Wisconsin residents by the National Rifle Association.

“It came to the address of the Elections Commission, but under state law, when you register to vote, you need to send your form to your municipal clerk’s office,” Magney said. “The state isn’t able to enter those applications into its system.”

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Magney said it’s common for interest groups to send eligible voters registration forms that they can send back in the mail.

“These mailers are perfectly legal,” Magney said. “But sometimes they cause problems, too.”

Magney said the Elections Commission was trying to forward the forms to the appropriate local clerks.

Magney said if people are wondering whether they’re registered to vote, they can contact their local clerks or visit the website