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Duffy Joins Trump Supporters At Northwestern Wisconsin Rally

Republican Congressman Says Anti-Trump Sentiment Part Of Democratic 'Resist Movement'


Republican U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy joined a group of around 30 backers of President Donald Trump at a rally in the northwestern Wisconsin Village of Turtle Lake Saturday to show support for the president.

Organizers said they feel Trump has been under attack by the left and the media. Duffy told attendees that liberals are angry they lost the election and are doing anything they can to undermine the president.

“This was part of their resist movement. They’re angry at the president. They thought they were going to win. They’re shocked that they lost and they’re trying to vent their anger,” said Duffy, but added that there is a silent majority that understands what Trump is doing and he’s proud to be on a team with the president.

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Mary Swanson of Turtle Lake organized the pro-Trump event. She said she feels bad for the president because so many are lining up against him.

“Trump has really got the establishment against him, he’s got the globalists against him and the media,” she said. “So, really he’s only got his supporters, voters who put him in office.”

Swanson said that only three months into his administration, people need to be willing to give the president a chance.

Duffy also said despite an earlier attempt that failed, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives are close to a deal on a new health care bill. He did not elaborate on what the deal entailed and left immediately after speaking.