Does Scott Walker’s Planned Memoir Signal Presidential Ambition?


Governor Scott Walker is downplaying talk that his decision to write a memoir means he is running for President.

Speaking to reporters in Madison today, Walker said his focus is on his current job.

” I’m completely satisfied being governor. What I’ve said in the past is, “Who knows?” My option might be in a few years to be in the private sector. I didn’t specifically say one thing or another. I’ve said I love being governor. I’ve had to work hard for it. I’m focused on being governor. I’m going to continue to be governor as long as the people of the state want me to be governor. And I don’t see any changes in the foreseeable future.”

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Others say the book is a clear signal Walker is looking toward 2016. David Axelrod, a political advisor to President Obama, said in a tweet that politicians write memoirs when they are thinking ahead. Said Axelrod, “Scott Walker is writing a memoir. You figure it out.”