Democrats Prepare To Push Their Legislative Agenda In New Year

Republicans Control Majorities In Both Chambers Of Legislature

Paul Sableman (CC-BY-ND)
Paul Sableman (CC-BY-ND).

Wisconsin Democrats will push for a return to “the peoples’ priorities” in 2016, saying majority Republicans in both chambers of the state Legislature have veered from those issues.

State Senate Minority Leader Jen Shilling said there’s a reason recent polls have shown low approval ratings for Republican lawmakers.

“I think after five years of really misplaced Republican priorities and divisiveness, I think people are hungry for change, I think they are eager for change,” Shilling said.

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She said Senate Democrats will push an agenda that includes tax credits for child care and refinancing for student loans and giving private citizens more options for retirement savings.

Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca said Republicans have spent too much time on issues that affect them, like rewriting campaign finance laws.

“They absolutely just ignore those things that people are crying out for help with,” Barca said.

While Republicans still hold strong majorities in the Legislature, Democrats hope their agenda wins them seats in the 2016 election.