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‘Bernie Or Bust’ Delegates Still Unwilling To Support Clinton

Most Sanders Delegates Have Opted To Support Clinton, But A Small Group Of Devotees Remains

John Minchillo/ AP Photo

Most Bernie Sanders delegates have been cheering Hillary Clinton as the Democratic National Convention continues in Philadelphia. But a smaller group of so-called “Bernie or Bust” delegates remain, including in Wisconsin.

For many Clinton supporters, this convention is a historic celebration and even Sanders supporters who don’t like Clinton describe her as their pragmatic choice in the general election.

Bernie Sanders delegate Angie Akers. Shawn Johnson/WPR

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But Sanders delegate Angie Aker of Kenosha doesn’t feel that way. Speaking from the floor of the convention hall, she disputed the argument that not voting for Clinton is a vote for Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“Well, I reject that,” Aker said. “I reject the idea that voting for somebody whose policies you believe in equates to a vote for somebody else. We have to break out of this binary either-or system we have in this country, or else we’ll only keep being given options that are no good to us.”

Aker said she was elected a Sanders delegate by others in her area, who she said aren’t ready to support Clinton.

Correction: The original story stated Angie Aker is from Madison. The story has been changed to correctly state she is from Kenosha.

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