Baldwin Targets Thompson’s Time in Washington


Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin will contrast her record with former Republican Governor Tommy Thompson’s time in Washington as the two face off in the general election race for U.S. Senate.

Baldwin says she starts her general election campaign against Thompson in very strong shape. She argues while Thompson won his four-way Republican primary, he has to focus initially on regaining the support of his own party, “Sixty-five percent of his own party voted for another candidate.”

Baldwin says Thompson is well-known for his work as Governor in Wisconsin in the ’80s and ’90s, but she contends his record in Washington is one of fighting for people and businesses who have way too much power already. She says, “In the Bush Administration as Secretary of Health and Human Services, he gave big PHRMA a pretty sweet deal in putting together Medicare Part D, but after leaving government service he’s been continuing to fight their battles in Washington.”

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Thompson served on several corporate boards and as a partner on a well-connected Washington law firm before his run for Senate. Republicans have been attacking Baldwin as a liberal Democrat from Madison since she entered the race and have only sharpened those comments in recent days. Baldwin disputes the label saying, “People call you names, people give you labels, but really what I am is a fighter.”

Baldwin also plans to highlight Thompson’s support for Paul Ryan’s budget plan, saying it would end the guarantee of Medicare for future generations.