Baldwin: Clinton’s Stance On TPP Is A Non-Issue

Senator Has Endorsed Clinton In Presidential Race

Public Domain/World Resources Institute (CC-BY-NC-SA)

Sen. Tammy Baldwin, one of Hillary Clinton’s most influential supporters in Wisconsin, said the presidential candidate’s apparent conversion on the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a non-issue.

After Hillary Clinton announced her opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership last week, Bernie Sanders — Clinton’s main opponent in the primary race — emphasized that he had long been opposed to the trade agreement.

“I did not come out against the TPP yesterday,” he told MSNBC.

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But Baldwin, who has endorsed Clinton, said Thursday that the candidate’s new position is not a flip-flop.

“I can’t call anyone a flip-flopper on the TPP — it’s just been negotiated,” she said.

She suggested that when Clinton had spoken favorably of the TPP in the past, it had been “in terms of saying that the negotiation was a good thing, and that the countries of the world should be talking about their trade relationships.”

Even though she has endorsed Clinton, Baldwin said she’s glad the Democrats are having a primary fight.