Baldwin Asks Thompson to Release 10 Years of Tax Returns


Democrats are using one of their central lines of attack in the presidential race in Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate race. They are now pressing former Governor Tommy Thompson to release his tax returns.

Democratic Representative Tammy Baldwin has already released the past 10 years of her tax returns, showing that Baldwin paid an average of about $29,000 a year in taxes and earned an average adjusted gross income of $169,000.

She wants Thompson to do the same, saying if Thompson backs tax cuts for the wealthy, voters should know how he might benefit. Baldwin said, “I challenge him to release 10 years of tax returns. I think it is very relevant to this, especially when you look at the tax proposals he has endorsed or is proposing.”

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Thompson has reported that his net worth tops $13 million, and he earned more than $5 million since 2010.

Asked recently whether he would release his returns since leaving office, Thompson declined saying, “No. I was in the private sector. When I’m in the government and you ask me, you’ll see them, but when I’m in the private sector, no.”

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has agreed to release two years of his tax returns. His campaign has resisted calls to release more, saying it would only provide more ammunition to the Obama campaign.