Auditors Discover $4.5 Mil. Of Federal Money Missing From Childcare Program


Wisconsin’s Legislative Audit Bureau has discovered that the state has been “shorted” millions of dollars by the federal government.

The chair of the committee that oversees the bureau says the auditors look out for the best interests of taxpayers.

The audit bureau discovered the federal government has under-paid Wisconsin by $4.5 million for a childcare program.

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State Senator Robert Cowles of De Pere chairs the audit committee.

“Our audit bureau is a designated audit bureau by the federal government, so they trust the results of the audit bureau. Now there’s a case where the state will get more money back. Ironically most of that’s for foster care, the same place where all this money was just stolen.”

Cowles is referring to a case in which auditors uncovered evidence that a foster care agency allegedly bilked the state out of $6 million.

Most recently, the bureau is charged with investigating the use of state money to pay rent to house released sex offenders. Cowles says news media reports indicate the state is paying three times the market rate for private housing.

He says the bureau has examined many elements of state spending, from university pay programs, the state car fleet, and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. The Republican lawmaker says the independent auditors crunch the numbers no matter whom or what may be the subject.

“We’re not just going after things that Republicans might like…or Democrats might like – both sides. It’s equal opportunity embarrassment if things aren’t being…managed properly.”

Cowles says results from the sex offender housing report should be ready this summer.