Assembly Republicans May Institute Rules Making It Easier To Cut Off Debate

Move Would Limit Democrats' Ability To Delay Putting Bills To Vote

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos. Photo courtesy of Wisconsin State Legislature.

Assembly Republicans are considering new rules that would make it easier to cut off debate by minority Democrats when the Assembly is in session.

Republicans hold a 63-36 seat majority in the Assembly, a margin that makes Democrats all but irrelevant in that chamber. However, Democrats can still use Assembly floor sessions to speak at length about bills they don’t support.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Democratic Minority Leader Peter Barca reached an informal agreement last session to put time limits on those debates. What Republicans are now considering would codify those limits in the Assembly — effectively letting Republicans end debate on a bill whether Democrats like it or not.

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Barca’s office said Democrats were discussing the rules with Republicans.

The rules would also give Speaker Vos more power to set the Assembly’s agenda.