Assembly Minority Leader Says Walker ‘Misled’ Wisconsin On Right To Work

Barca Asserts Legislation Will Hurt The Middle Class

Courtesy of Wisconsin State Legislature

Assembly Democratic Minority Leader Peter Barca says Republican plans to pass right-to-work legislation are another example of Gov. Scott Walker misleading the people of Wisconsin.

Walker has said repeatedly in his public remarks that right to work would be a distraction, saying he hopes legislative leaders focus on his agenda instead. On Friday, however, his office issued a statement saying that if a right-to-work bill makes it to his desk, the governor will sign it.

Barca said that if the governor really wanted to stop right-to-work, he could have.

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“Well there’s no question the governor’s behind this. The governor has said all along when he misled people during the election that he would put it on the backburner. But the governor needs a distraction right now because people are starting to notice his disastrous fiscal mismanagement.”

Barca said right to work would greatly hurt the middle class, which he says has already been damaged under Walker.