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AG Brad Schimel Calls Outgoing State Treasurer ‘Abusive’ At Meeting Of Public Lands Agency

Schimel Tells Matt Adamczyk He's 'Counting The Days' Until He's Not On Board Of Commissioners Of Public Land

Wisconsin State Capitol
Rough Tough, Real Stuff (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Wisconsin Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel had some sharp words recently for outgoing Republican state Treasurer Matt Adamczyk.

Schimel and Adamczyk both serve on the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands along with Democratic Secretary of State Doug La Follette.

The agency uses revenue from civil and criminal fines as well as timber sales to make loans to local governments. A change in state law recently gave it more power to make investments.

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At the board’s last meeting, Adamczyk was questioning the qualifications of agency staff to make investments. La Follette told Adamczyk he was harassing employees.

As one member of the staff began reciting his history in finance, Adamczyk cut him off. That’s when Schimel chimed in.

“Matt, I gotta tell ya, I’m counting the days ’til you’re not on this board,” Schimel said. “I’ve had enough. Doug is absolutely right. The string of demands you’ve made on the people who work hard at this agency has been unreasonable and abusive.”

The confrontation was first reported by Madison’s Cap Times.

It’s not the first time Adamczyk has raised tensions on the board. Former board secretary Tia Nelson resigned after Adamcyzk led a push to keep her from talking about climate change. Schimel initially supported Adamczyk in that dispute before voting to loosen the restrictions.

Adamczyk ran on a platform of eliminating the treasurer’s office, but voters overwhelmingly supported keeping it in a referendum earlier this year. He’s now running for state Assembly.