Act 10 Challengers Happy About Possible State Supreme Court Hearing


Lawyers representing two unions challenging Act 10 say they are happy the case may soon be heading to the state Supreme Court.

Act 10 is the law limiting the collective bargaining rights of public-sector employees.

The fourth district court of appeals called on the high court today to take up the case as soon as possible, because of its sweeping statewide impact on both public employees and state tax payers. Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas struck down the law in September, and the state appealed that ruling.

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Lester Pines represents the Madison teachers union and a local Milwaukee municipal employees union that claim that five provisions of Act 10 violate their associational rights.

“There are serious constitutional problems with Act 10 that were raised that were resolved by Judge Colas. Now the Supreme Court takes the case. The Supreme Court has to grapple with those problems.”

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen issued a statement today saying he is convinced that all of ACT 10 is constitutional and urging the high court to resolve the issue soon.It’s not clear if the court will take the case; it could require the appeals court to rule first.