Virge Temme

Virge Temme is an architect who has specialized in sustainable design for over 20 years. She designs some of the most energy-efficient homes in the state, and was recently recognized by BUILD international magazine as one of the “Leaders in Green Architecture- Mid-West United States.”

She has designed LEED-registered homes for the past 10 years, and has created more LEED-Platinum single family homes than any other architect in Wisconsin. Her homes have been featured in several national magazines as well as in “LEED-ing The Way – Domestic Architecture for the Future” a book released earlier this year about energy-efficient homes, and for which Virge was a contributing author.

Virge has been a featured columnist and speaker on green lifestyles and energy-efficient home design throughout northeast Wisconsin, and she regularly consults with homeowners on how to design new homes, or make their existing homes, as energy-efficient as possible.

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