Tom Sturges

With over 25 years in the music industry, Tom Sturges is the President of Tom Sturges Music and was formerly President of Chrysalis and EVP and Head of Creative for Universal Music Publishing Group. He also works as a respected coach, mentor, and teacher of at-risk children at an inner-city Los Angeles public school. This mentoring inspired his new book, Every Idea is a Good Idea, believing that creativity could be taught to anyone, like English and Math, and practiced, like basketball and piano. Sturges also teaches The Music Business Now course at UCLA, now in its 10th year. He is author of Parking Lot Rules: And 75 Other Ideas for Raising Children and Grow the Tree You’ve Got: And 90 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Adolescents and Teenagers. Tom is based in Los Angeles and is available for interviews and guest essays.

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