Tim Pychyl

From Carleton University:

Dr. Tim Pychyl is the Director of the Centre for Initiatives in Education and Associate Professor of Psychology at Carleton University. Tim accepted a faculty position in psychology at Carleton after completing his doctoral work in the department. As someone who has been passionate about teaching throughout his life (having previously taught tennis, whitewater canoeing, English as a Second Language and public school), Tim has been recognized with numerous awards in higher education including the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations’ Teaching Award (1998), a 3M National Teaching Fellowship (1999), the University Medal for Distinguished Teaching (2006), a Graduate Mentoring Award (2012) as well as other university teaching awards. This focus on teaching is what drives Tim’s “research as a way of learning” approach to the PRG, where students learn through conducting original research on the topic of procrastination.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF Updated April 2016)

To get a better understanding of Tim’s teaching, you may want to read his Teaching Philosophy Statement. Tim wrote this in 1997, and he’s spent the last 20 years doing his best to “walk the talk.”

Life on campus is only a part of Tim; a big part, of course, but only part. Tim is also a self-described “dinosaur dad” (who began family life at age 50), and he’s been a “musher” for more years than he’s been a professor or a father. His relationship with his family, including his furry family of dogs and horses, is at the centre of his being. In fact, Tim took unpaid leave when his daughter was born, and has been on a reduced-time appointment for most of the past 10 years in order to make more time for his children. His passion for being a “father who mothers” and a dog driver have been featured in media stories and research.

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