Steve Correia

Stephen Correia, Education Department Chair for St. Catherine UniversityB.S., The Ohio State UniversityM.Ed., Pennsylvania State UniversityPh.D., Pennsylvania State UniversityPrograms: EducationI come from a long line of teachers. My favorite aunt began her teaching career prior to World War I riding a horse to school over the mountains in rural Maryland. I have many relatives that have dedicated their lives to teaching and learning, and I continue that tradition into this century.Prior to attending graduate school, I was a high school social studies teacher. The experience of teaching young learners allows me to teach future teachers with a real-world experience that informs and directs my current classroom teaching. My current classes always have a field-based component with experiences planned to observe and teach in local schools. By working with local schools on an ongoing basis, the theories, methods and research we study are always understood within the context of real-world application.My research interests include the history of school reform efforts over the last 100 years. I am especially interested in the evolution of measuring successful schools and the seemingly never ending changing expectations for high schools.

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