Shelby Lees

As senior editor at National Geographic Kids Books, Lees has worked on titles ranging from Welcome to Mars and To the Moon and Back by Buzz Aldrin; Dining With Dinosaurs, a hilarious illustrated romp through the dining fare of dinosaurs; One Step Further, an exclusive autobiography picture book by Hidden Figures’ Katherine Johnson; Breaking the News, a timely look at media literacy; Solve This, an interactive approach to engineering; National Geographic Kids: Absolute Expert series, which takes a deep dive into kids’ all-time favorite topics; and Coolest Stuff on Earth, a collection of the world’s craziest, coolest, and totally real facts. Lees’ career has spanned experience ranging from developing fun, informative children’s books to creating innovative teaching guides, classroom materials, top-rated educational apps, and consulting for popular kids’ YouTube channels. Lees’ focus is on bringing highly engaging content to all children to foster a lifelong love of learning.

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