Peter Clement

Peter has worked in the Hospitality Service Industry for over thirty years. He’s currently Director of Business Development for Great Lakes Distillery, Wisconsin’s first award-winning distillery since prohibition. He joined the marketing team at Great Lakes in February 2012, after having tended bar at Distillery Special Events, as well as conducting off-site samplings for the distillery.

Before working at the distillery, he worked at the County Clare Irish Inn and Guesthouse in Milwaukee. He tended bar, worked in food preparation, as well as serving as the Irish Tour Coordinator for Harp & Eagle Tours. You may occasionally find him behind the bar, or working special events at the Clare, or perhaps enjoying a pint or an Irish Lemonade – made with Great Lakes Distillery’s Gold Medal Award-Winning Rehorst Citrus & Honey Vodka.

A partner briefly in the Penthouse on Broadway Martini Lounge in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, was in charge of daily operations, as well as cocktail menu creation, beer and wine selection, as well as serving as the club’s musical talent scout.

Manager, Elliot’s Bistro on Milwaukee’s Eastside, assisted in food menu creation, preparation, as well as, cocktail menu creation, beer and wine selection and special events coordinator. While at Elliot’s, he met Guy Rehorst Founder and President of Great Lakes Distillery.

Peter is “a mixologist with some experience in craft cocktail making.”

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