Marissa Baker

Dr. Marissa Baker is an Assistant Professor in the UW Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences (DEOHS). She also serves as program director of the industrial hygiene training program at the Northwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety, housed at DEOHS.

Dr. Baker’s research has mostly focused on exposure to manganese in welders, shipyard and foundry workers. She received her PhD in Environmental and Occupational Hygiene from DEOHS in 2017 and was honored as the Outstanding PhD Student that year. She received a competitive F31 fellowship from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. In 2016, Dr. Baker was awarded the Award for Young Exposure Scientists from the International Society of Exposure Scientists.

Based on her occupational studies of manganese exposures and health effects, she was invited to serve as a committee member for the International Agency for Research on Cancer in reviewing welding fume as a carcinogen.

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