Ken Driessen

From campaign web site:

The only way to truly represent a congressional district is to give every registered voter a chance to vote on the resolutions as they come before Congress and for the representative to then enter the vote of the majority of those citizens who chose to participate regardless of their personal opinion.

Help Ken establish the first open source U.S. congressional seat owned and operated by the citizens of Wisconsin’s 7th District who chose to participate. Every registered voter in the district will have the right to vote on the law and appropriations to come before the 116th Congress. Ken Driessen has signed an affirmation in front of a notary stating that if elected he will give half his representative salary to a nonprofit mission to establish direct participatory democracy for our district.

This effort is not about me, it is about giving citizens the right to vote on the resolutions before Congress rather than a person, giving us a meaningful way to participate in the workings of our government.

I am not much of a politician, I’ve been a union steward with the USW, a peace activist and an advocate for sensible drug policy. One could say I’m a technocrat because I want to put available Internet technology to work to allow people the right to vote on law and appropriation and that is direct participation we need to make our government work for we the people.

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