Katy Harriger

From Wake Forest:

Katy Harriger received her PhD from the University of Connecticut. She teaches courses in the areas of American Politics, constitutional law, the judicial process, and civic engagement. She is the co-author and editor with Louis Fisher of American Constitutional Law, 10th ed. (Carolina Academic Press 2013), editor of Separation of Powers: Commentary and Documents (Congressional Quarterly Press 2003), the author of The Special Prosecutor in American Politics. 2nd ed., revised (University Press of Kansas, 2000), and Independent Justice: The Federal Special Prosecutor in American Politics (University Press of Kansas, 1992), as well as a number of articles about constitutional law issues in journals and law reviews. In 2007 she co-authored, with Jill J. McMillan, Speaking of Politics: Preparing College Students for Democratic Citizenship through Deliberative Dialogue (Kettering Foundation Press). Her current research involves using former Supreme Court justices’ papers to study how the law has changed in the areas of separation of powers and racial segregation in the schools.

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